Hello, I'm Alejandro De Los Santos

And this is my online portfolio. I am a hobbyist programmer and a first year student of Computer Games Development at University of Limerick, Ireland. My main focus at the moment is on video game programming with Unity and the C# programming language with .Net based applications. I also specialise in micro controller and IoT programming, but I enjoy new challenges and taking any problems proposed to me. I'd love to chat about job opportunities, projects I have worked on, suggestions, video games or whatever is on your mind.

Game Jams

I have written several games for the Ludum Dare Jam, the largest online game jam with over 4000 participants. My favourite is Low Energy, my entry for the Compo Section (All game art, music and coding must be original and made in only 48 hours) for the 39th entry of the Jam. It’s a fun little side-scroller platformer game, in which I managed to rank 59th for the audio category, 80th for the fun category and 165th for the overall category.

Demon's Delight (Lua, Corona SDK)

I was the Project manager and Lead programmer in the development of this classic bullet hell/dungeon crawler game. The game was developed during the course of 8 weeks, by a team of 6 people; including artists, level designers and other programmers. I developed the ability to manage a full game project and to understand the workflow of a team. As well as modern project and team managment tools such as git, slack and github's project boards. We started the development process without any prior knowledge of lua or Corona SDK, but with a great team structuring we were able to submit a final product.

Project Luca- Top Down Shooter (C#, Unity Engine)

Project Luca is a prototype of a top down shooter I made while on my first year of Computer Games development in College. The prototype was built with the idea of experimenting with Unity’s real-time mesh generation. It features a fully functional weapon system, health system and inventory.

YouTube subscriber display

This short python script, fetches the subscriber count and total views of a YouTube channel. It is designed to use in a Raspberry Pi (Any model) connected to a 4 segment, 7 digit display, but it can easily be re purposed.



I am always up for learning new programming languages, frameworks or APIs. I am most experienced in C# with .Net based applications and the Unity API. I am also experienced in Python, Java, Lua, C++ for Arduino sketches, HTML and CSS.
I have also used in the past libraries such as TKinter for UIs, Robot-Framework for automated testing with selenium, and numpy and pandas for data science.

Game Developer

I have experience in both gameplay and systems programming for full games in C# with the Unity engine (4 years) and Lua with the Corona SDK (2 years). Including AI programming, online multiplayer development, procedural generation, inventory and player control systems. I also have experience building a mobile game with Unity from the ground up.

Selft taught

I am a second year student of Game Development at University of Limerick, but I have been learning programming and game development by myself since I was young, by using resources such as YouTube, Only courses, and forums such as StackOverflow.


I am always open to learning new skills and taking on extra responsabilities. For me, learning is a never-ending process, there are always things to adjust and improve. I have experience working in fast-paced environment with SCRUM methodology and a CI environment.

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